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Do You Accept The Offer?

Yesterday, I received the phone call that I had really wanted and not wanted to have.   The company in London, England had made their offer and the recruiting company wanted to discuss it with me. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I had never been in a position to really decide what I wanted to make as a social worker.

So at 9am(my time) and 2:00pm(London time), I was on the phone with a nice sounding British man who told me that his father is originally from Ontario, only an hour away from where I live.  He was pleasant and asked about the weather and told me that it was a bit chilly in London that day.

Then we got to the meat of the conversation…what was this company willing to pay me to relocate to London. So, the base salary is more than I make now. hallelujah! It seems that I can pay my rent.  Also, there are some great incentives such as money when I arrive, money for every year I stay with the company and then an additional market supplement.  Amen! I can travel Europe.

On top of all that awesome money, is the fact I get reimbursed for all expenses incurred to move there. It’s hard to pass up an opportunity like this.

I have been disillusioned by the Canadian system for quite some time.  Tonight I received an email from a company I applied to, telling me that after reviewing my resume they have decided that I don’t qualify for the position I applied for.  I kind of smiled to myself and thought, they never met me and gave me a fair chance to market myself, but they have already decided I did not meet their criteria. However, how polite of them to send me an email rejecting me.

Oh well, off to England I go! At least there my four-year degree and my experience seems to be respected and needed.  I going to become part of a team who will develop a new program of working with children and families.  I am pretty excited to get going with this move and start putting my skills and knowledge to work.


london-bridge copy


You guessed it….OMG! I am going to England

On Friday I interviewed for a job in London, England.  Yesterday, my recruitment agency told me that they want to give me the job offer and are working on the final details

What a roller coaster of emotions.  One minute I can’t wait to escape my life here and have a fresh start and the next minute I am so afraid to leave the life I know. It’s been a back and forth of should I shouldn’t I. What are the good and bad points of leaving for England?  And what are the good and bad points of staying in Canada?   It’s really a tough decision, because you can’t really know what leaving will be like until you leave.

London is very expensive to live, the cost of renting is ridiculously high.  I think I can afford only a 2 bedroom apartment, give the kids the rooms and have a pull out futon for myself.  I guess I won’t be having any adult sleepovers at my place in England.

Apparently, everything is expensive in London and it takes only 6-12 months for one to adjust to the standard of living. You learn to live within your means. I just can’t picture this so called adjustment as of yet, but if I go over there, I will have no choice but to adjust…quickly.

It’s not expensive to ship my items to the UK.  I won’t be taking any furniture or appliances, just the basics- books, pictures, things that can’t be replaced.  I received two quotes and they seem reasonable.

OMG, I may be going to England!

I mean, I want to go to England because it would be great for my career advancement.  I appreciate the fact that my degree means something abroad and it makes me sad that in my home country, my degree is more or less toilet paper.

But with all that career advancement aside, I will be 5.5 hours away from Paris, a place that I believed was only in my dreams.  But as I sit here and write this out, it no longer seems impossible.  So, I want to jump on a plane with my two little kids and go work with vulnerable children, travel Europe with my kids, learn about a new culture and have life experiences I will never forget.

I have been obsessed with knowing everything I can about living in London and how to make this transition easy for myself and my children.  I joined a bunch of groups on Facebook and have been chatting with a few ladies who are expat’s.  One lady is going to take pictures of the borough I will be working in, so that I can see what it looks like.  She has even offered for me to stay at her house if I have time to make a quick visit to London, before I actually move there….community already.

I already know which areas to stay away from as crime is a problem….apparently social workers are needed in the United Kingdom.  I still have to grasp the importance of where you live as it your child’s education depends on it.

OMG I am going to England??!!!

As for now, await the details of my job offer…I picked up three passport applications today.

OMG, I am going to England!!

I will keep you updated with how my relocation goes.