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How Long Will This Be?

When the hell am I going to get another job?  Oh yeah, I am suppose to stay positive throughout all this unemployment crap.  I am bored to death.  I mean, I am so tired of looking for a J.O.B. I want a career.  I want something that is going to prevent me from being in this position again because it pretty much sucks.  Also, its pretty darn stressful not knowing when you will find the right employer than you want to give your all to.

But I am going to stay positive.  The right career will appear at the right time at the right moment for me.  How about f’ing now since I need to pay some darn bills…. and go shopping



The Perfect Cut

She won!

She could not believe her luck.

She had worked so hard to get to this point

But she had given up, she did not have the strength to go on

It was just taking too much from her

All the paperwork, the anticipation and the dread of losing

Had taken a huge toll on her

She had just given up and wanted to move on

But today her family won

They had finally called her and told her

That they had won the most perfect cut of half side beef

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