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Without my consent…jobless

I lost my job on Friday.  Something about cut backs and no funding.  I was never content nor was I happy punching numbers into a computer all day.  It was time to go and they could see and so could I.

I applied for a job today which is really far from where I live.  I am keeping my options open to the possibilities that surround me.  I know I should be scared to have no job, but I am welcoming the time off to rejuvenate for the next step in my career.

Well, I am off to make bacon and spinach Quiche and to finish crocheting my daughter’s blanket.

I know it’s been awhile but I was inspired by an email one of my blog readers sent me this morning.

Thank you for reminding me.


Whose child is this?

I don’t think my brother’s son looks like him at all.  I think his girlfriend cheated on him and is trying to pass this kid off as his. I never liked the girl and now I like her less.  If I can tell the kid looks like some random dude, my brother must be able to tell too.  I think it is horrible for a woman to cheat on her partner, not use protection, get pregnant, decide to keep the child and then pass the child off on someone else.

I feel like calling her out on her shit.  “Hey, that is not my nephew.  No way in hell is that kid related to us. You young lady is a home wrecker, a low life, a cheat!  How dare you try to trap my brother with a child we all know is not his!” I would stand there in front of her with my finger shaking in her face.

But, I can’t be a party pooper. Every kid needs a father, even if the father and kid are lied to.  I will not be getting close to that kid or building a relationship because one day my brother will find out and when shit hits the fan, I won’t have no child ripped from my life.  But he is the cutest little thing in the world…I guess I could love him just a little bit.