About Trish Ann

So you want to know more about me?

I want to travel to Australia and my persistent princess and I have already planned to become Australian tourists on her sixteenth birthday

I am secretly afraid of death, especially my own impending last call

I love the television show Girls and can totally relate to their antics.  I can’t wait for season two of Orange is the new black

My favourite movie is I am Sam and I weep every time I watch it.  Sometimes when I want to cry, I put it on.  It’s a powerful and endearing movie

I am revising my five year plan

I struggle with forgiving and trusting people

My oldest son is my role model, his birth changed my life 

I do not understand people who are materialist and only place their value on what they have or how much they spend.  I believe there has to be some balance and appreciation for what we have.  There are so many other important issues in the world to focus on such as , schools without playgrounds.

My children are my most important teachers.  Boy 3, once taught me that we are born with 350 bones and as adults only have 205 of them.  Why? Our bones fuse together as we get older.

My favourite part of the newspaper to read is the obituary because death intrigues and scares me.

I want to be in love and be swept off my feet, although I pretend it doesn’t matter to me

I check my bank account on a daily basis, to see how much money I don’t have

I never knew I could be funny until I started writing

I hate math, although my job entails that I work with numbers everyday

I don’t talk to my ex because I am afraid that I will make a huge mistake and go back to him

Keep reading I am not done yet….


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