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“Never again am I dating a man who wants me all to himself.  There better be something about me, he can’t stand and moments he wants to get away. Like how my sarcasm pisses him off,  or the fact that I hate making decisions or that I am petrified of how much I am excited and fearful of being in love.  There better be something about me he doesn’t like, because after all, I don’t believe him.” Trish Ann

I am a newly single mother, effective date between 2012- 2013, depends if you count the one year I tried to make it work with my better half.  I have four children(21, 19, 16, 6).  I am the biological mother of three children and the adoptive mother of one.  I have been blessed to have an opportunity to love, care for, nurture, guide and sometimes create dysfunction in the lives of my children.

My daughter(persistent princess) is the love of my life and my devil’s advocate.  In all accounts she is a mini-me, sarcastic, strong, independent, emotional and brilliant.  Genetics is over-rated.

Boy 1, boy 2 and boy 3 are generous, caring and my greatest accomplishments.  They have personalities and characteristics that we only can hope for in our children.  They are certainly not perfect and make choices and decisions that make the transition from boyhood to manhood at times difficult.

My spirituality is very important to me.  I don’t necessarily believe in organized religion due to traumatic experiences of counting hats in church as a child.  I am attempting to read the Bible, it leaves me with many questions but it encourages me to lead a better life.

I believe in Universal Magic, the idea that what you reap you sow, what goes around comes around and karma always comes back around to bite you.  I live with the ideal that we all have the power to change our lives if we change our thinking.

I am a single mother and woman who isn’t in a hurry to change that part of my identity.  It makes for excellent story telling and humorous experiences.  I am clumsily dating and having someone make lame attempts at being romantic with me.

I am passionate about writing as it chronicles my life such as losing my friend’s dog and now I am not sure if she will trust me to babysit her daughter, holding my ex partner accountable for his bad choices because if he wanted me to tell a better story he should have lived a better life, making fun of my children who think they know everything about living and providing a permanent recording of how dysfunctional my life can be.

My short stories are part of my journey, part of my healing and part of my growth.  Unedited and raw, with a small slices of exaggerations.

I am living a simple life, sipping coffee in the morning and drinking wine in the evening.  I am grateful for everything I have, the big breaks and the painful transitions.

If you want to know more about me, read my short stories, shake your head at my random thoughts and be inspired by an ordinary single mother and woman.



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