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My deepest fear is dying

Any kind of death scares me

I don’t ever want to die

Although, I know that I must die

One day

When I am in my 90’s

When I have lived and loved

But don’t keep me alive on life support because you feel bad to let me go

Just do it, I want you to

I don’t want you to remember me this way

I don’t want to forget you as I drift off to paradise because you wanted me to hang on

I am just afraid of dying

So cover my eyes as I go




What goes around comes around

I really loved you

I didn’t think I could live without you

It was you and me against the world

Until I read on Facebook that it was you and her and some diamonds in the sky

I wanted you back and I would have done anything I could

But the longer you stayed away the more I began to see

Your not a very nice person, your not generous and your not sweet

Your a bully, an aggressor and a downright low life dweller

I hope the life you ran so quickly from

Is worth losing your job, your truck and your home

I really did love you

But now I just feel so sorry for you

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