About The Reverie Of A Single Mother

The Reverie Of A Single Mother has (Previously known as Though she be but little, she is fierce!)changed its name and look.  Some things change like our hair or where we live.  Other things  stay static like our values, our passions and our dreams.  The Reverie Of A Single Mother is just that.  

In September 2013 I created this blog, after finding out the love of my life had been living a double life for the past three years.  His dirty secrets were thrown in my face and I had no where to shelf my pain, anguish, denial and anger.  So I began to write about them.    I was stuck between denial(this cannot be happening to me) and anger(I hate you, but I can’t stop loving you). I needed to put my voice to be heard.

The Reverie Of A Single Mother  has been a catalyst in helping me answer the questions left after a relationship fails, guides me on becoming an extraordinary single mother, chronicles my journey through the crazy journey of finding another life partner and helps  me to find humour in life’s little home runs.  Most of all it is helping me to evolve into an author and fulfilling a life long ideal…publishing a novel.

The Reverie Of A Single Mother showcases short stories about my ordinary life in this extraordinary world.  They are written with a cup of coffee before the sun rises.  Sometimes they are written with a tired body and sink full of dishes after the sun sets.

I have been humbled and honoured by those who have followed my stories, my words and my thoughts  while providing  encouragement for me to continue  writing.

You can reach me at patriciathompson12@gmail.com if you want to share your own story, talk about publishing, provide me with guidance or disagree on something I wrote.


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