Do You Accept The Offer?

Yesterday, I received the phone call that I had really wanted and not wanted to have.   The company in London, England had made their offer and the recruiting company wanted to discuss it with me. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I had never been in a position to really decide what I wanted to make as a social worker.

So at 9am(my time) and 2:00pm(London time), I was on the phone with a nice sounding British man who told me that his father is originally from Ontario, only an hour away from where I live.  He was pleasant and asked about the weather and told me that it was a bit chilly in London that day.

Then we got to the meat of the conversation…what was this company willing to pay me to relocate to London. So, the base salary is more than I make now. hallelujah! It seems that I can pay my rent.  Also, there are some great incentives such as money when I arrive, money for every year I stay with the company and then an additional market supplement.  Amen! I can travel Europe.

On top of all that awesome money, is the fact I get reimbursed for all expenses incurred to move there. It’s hard to pass up an opportunity like this.

I have been disillusioned by the Canadian system for quite some time.  Tonight I received an email from a company I applied to, telling me that after reviewing my resume they have decided that I don’t qualify for the position I applied for.  I kind of smiled to myself and thought, they never met me and gave me a fair chance to market myself, but they have already decided I did not meet their criteria. However, how polite of them to send me an email rejecting me.

Oh well, off to England I go! At least there my four-year degree and my experience seems to be respected and needed.  I going to become part of a team who will develop a new program of working with children and families.  I am pretty excited to get going with this move and start putting my skills and knowledge to work.


london-bridge copy


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