Blue Shirt vs Pink Shirt

Both mother’s sat across from each other.  They were both called to the school because their children had been suspended.

The mother in the blue looked quickly at her cell phone, she was checking the time.

The mother in the pink shirt was upset that her son was suspended and couldn’t wait to speak with the principal about this problem.  It must be this new kid that he is hanging out with.

“I hope that I can see the principal soon.  I have to get back to work and I am already late” the mother in the blue says.

“Your daughter is beautiful” the mother in blue says. “What daycare does she go to, my friend is looking for a reputable daycare provider.  She seems so happy.”

“My children do not go to daycare.  I stay at home with them”  the mom in the pink shirt said.  She was annoyed to be talking to this woman about her children.  She felt that these working moms thought badly of her.

“Oh” the mother in blue responded.  “I wish I could stay home with my kids too.  When I have a day off from work and I stay home for one day, I really enjoy it.  My youngest son, always cries when I drop him off at the babysitter.”

“Then why do you work? Why don’t you stay home with your children.  I would never let anyone watch my kids all day.  It’s like they are raising them.  I couldn’t do it” the mother in pink said.  “It must be hard to be a single mother.”

“I am not a single mother.  My husband and I are still together”  the mother in blue said.  “I think its presumptuous of you to think that because I work I am a single mother….”

“No….I don’t know why I said it.  I mean, if you don’t have to work then why work, I would just stay home with my kids….”

“Your sitting there judging me as a bad person because I work.  I don’t work because I have to.  I work because I want to, because I worked hard to get my career off the ground.  I work because I love to and I don’t want to sit at home all day long raising children.”

“It’s not easy to raise children.  It’s hard work too.”

“I never once said it was easy.  I am a mother.  I may just be a part-time mother to you, but never the less I am a mother.  I know its hard to raise children.  I have to do your job and work my full-time job in one day.”

“My husband makes good money.  I don’t have to work.”

“My husband is probably your boss” the working mother said.  “Our house is probably bigger than yours.  Our bank account probably triples yours and we probably could afford a nanny but we don’t.”

“It’s not about saving money.  I just like staying home. with my children.”

“Well I think there is more to life than having children” working mother replied.  “How about self fulfillment?”

“I get fulfilment in watching my kids grow and being there for first moments.  Why would you have children if you don’t feel fulfilled by them?”

“But your children should not complete you” the working mom replied.   “You should find fulfillment in yourself.”

“I am nothing without my children.”

“I am nothing without my career.”

Both mother’s looked at each other and didn’t say another word to each other.  After each mom met with the principal and was told that their boys would be suspended for breaking the school rules, they went their separate ways.

The working mom walked quickly to her car and cursed under her breath because she was due back at work about an hour ago.

The stay at home mom got into her car and started to drive home.

When the  mom in the blue shirt got back to work, she grabbed the clip board, threw on her scrub and went to check on the patient that was just brought in by ambulance.  The woman was hit by a drunk driver and from what the report said, she may not survive.

The working mom drew the curtain back and went in room where this woman was brought in and put on life support.  “Does she have a family? Have they been contacted?”

The nurse nodded yes and left the room.

The working mom walked over to the bed, she hated these moments. “Holy crap” she whispered.

The mother in pink was crying, the pain was terrible, “save me please, the boys need me,” she reached up and touched working mom’s arm.

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