He Is My Son

“Get out! Get out of my house! I don’t want you here anymore!”

I close my mail box and sneak a peek down the steps to see my new neighbour with her door open.  The door slams and I slowly walk upstairs to my apartment.  My kids look at me and ask what is going on.  “None of your business!” I tell my six year old daughter.  “I don’t know, she is fighting with her boyfriend.” I tell my 16 year old son.

The yelling continues.  She keeps telling him to leave.  I hear the man tell the woman that she is crazy, they slam the door again.  The yelling continues.  Then they are in the hallway and they are yelling.  I grab my phone and I call the police.

I go in the hallway and I yell “I am calling the police.” They are standing by the steps and I am afraid that someone is going to fall down the steps.  They both go downstairs and they continue to yell, she wants him to leave and he thinks she is crazy.

The police are on their way.  He finally leaves and I ask her if she is doing ok.  She tells me that the man  is her son and that they have a strained relationship.  She says that he has hit her before. She says that he drinks too much.

I hope that he can be a good son and I hope she has been a good mother.

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