Freestyle Writing

I am laying here and for some reason I am really itchy and I can’t stop scratching. I woke up with bumps on my ankle and after my shower tonight they are really itchy and now I a worried that maybe some bugs have bitten me or maybe I am just being paranoid. SO I thought I had signed up for this writing 101 but I did not get an email but I found the assignment and I am completing in anyway. I have this great idea in my head about what I want to write next but I am so tired after work that I don’t even want to imagine having to think about what to say, editing, style and all the other necessities that come with writing. Maybe I have given up on writing all together it just seems like so much work to publish a book or to be able to have all these interesting thoughts running through my head and the habit and ability to get it on paper. Seems like so much work and I don’t like to work hard after a hard day. I am a bit annoyed with a few people at work there are always a few workers who are always “sick”, there should be some repercussions for that. I get that your sick sometimes but when you are new to a job and don’t know what your doing, it may help that you attend said job that you were hired to do because other people depend on your ability to be at work on a consistent basis. If I was in charge, you would be gone, no questions..sorry you did not pass the probation period. Attendance needs to be taken into consideration when hiring. I mean some people suck at interviews but are great workers and others ace interviews and are the worst employers ever. So I have been having all these crazy thoughts about my boyfriend. He has been away for two whole weeks and I truly miss him. It’s pretty scary to trust another human being when the one you put so much trust into destroyed everything that you believe in. And here comes this new human being willing to show me what feelings, love, trust, respect and all the wonderful things that come with a relationship are about. I just don’t want to mess things up or hurt anyone or be hurt at all. Again. There is that itching again, and there I go getting paranoid again. I hope its nothing big, I guess I do have some strange things that I worry about, but who wouldn’t if they woke up with bumps on their ankles. My daughter is really picking up this french immersion and I am learning things myself. If I had time, maybe I will go back to learn french it definitely is a benefit in Northern Ontario with job prospects. Well, I think twenty minutes are up and I can’t wait for this assignment to be over, I don’t think I do well with this freestyle writing. It’s like all my thoughts are on this page and it probably makes no sense, not I am just blabbering and it should end.

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