Playing House

My boyfriend is house hunting.  He asked me to tag along with him as he looks for the most perfect home.  He and I are over 700 kilometres apart as he took a huge job promotion.

My boyfriend sends me pictures of all the places he is looking at and I give him my opinion.  I told him I like lakefront houses after I spent a day at my friend’s property.  Now all he wants to see is lakefront homes and I love him more because I know that he is putting me in his future.

I think we are both daydreaming about what it would be like to live together as we are finding it very hard to be apart.  It’s a huge sacrifice on both our parts as we are very new to each other and want to spend every waking moment together.  Ever since we met we spent every day together even if it was for a few hours.  It has been a transition to not see him everyday, not being able to touch him but only having the chance to hear his voice or see his name come across my phone, telling me I have a text message.

We are certainly learning to fall in love with each other and distance is a test of our commitment to each other.

So, my sweet man came across this house.  Lakefront house to be correct.  It is absolutely lovely, wood floors throughout, deck and enough bedrooms for a family.  I told him he should get it because the price is just right.

He says he is not ready to buy a place like that yet.  He says he needs to deal with his bullshit(ex wife and separation) and in a year he will will be ready to buy a house like that.

I tell him that it sounds like a good idea.  Maybe in a year, if we are still dating “we” can get a place like that together and maybe that house will still be available.  My boyfriend says “You never know.  Be optimistic.”  I tell him I am optimistic.  Then I tell him not to screw it up. We both laugh.


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