Where have you been?

I have been seeing this man since the day, the other man who could not allow himself to have any emotions for me allowed his baby mama to text me a message to back off because I wasn’t so special.

I guess I am very special because the man I am seeing got stood up on the first date. I was supposed to meet him at Chapters but decided I wasn’t into meeting anyone ever again. So, he messaged me asked me where I was and if I was still coming to meet him. I made up some lame “family emergency” excuse. Then I felt bad and we continued to chat and exchanged phone numbers.

He made me laugh and I made him laugh. So, I suggested me meet and I promised I would show up. Since that day, we have been seeing one another and it’s getting serious.

I have deleted my online dating profile after we decided to be exclusive. He has currently moved 8 hours away from me, but our affection for each other keeps getting stronger. He is smart(a Vice Principal), cute, caring, generous, funny and human.

We are far from perfect and have had a few times where we have argued, but at the end of the day we want each other. We are a great team and I am so excited to see what our future holds. When I kiss him, I can see the next 60 years of my life and I want him there every step of the way.

Love is the most powerful drug in the world.



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