The Narcissist Writes

I am not one for debating the opinions of what other writers say on their blogs.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Often, if I disagree with something I have read I quietly move on to another blog.  However, a few days ago I came across several posts by an interesting blogger named thenarcissistwrites and I felt compelled to say something.

I knew what I wanted to say but I struggled with how softly I could deliver my message without sounding too blunt or looking like I was trying to be mean or arrogant.

The writer states that she is a Narc and uses her blog as a way to atone for the horrible things she has done to people.  She writes several posts about making a fake dating profile and then pulling in a man she knew by pretending to be someone else.  The post continues to tell stories cheating on her husband and using an ex boyfriend that she has no feelings for.

What really intrigued me was she wrote about the capacity to understand what she was doing to people and the impact of these behaviours.  However, I really questioned if she did really want to change any of it.  As I read, I could envision the devilish smile on this writer’s face.  The satisfaction she felt knowing the people she hurt.  I really questioned, did she really care and was she using her blog as a way to atone, as she claimed or rather to boast. She even mentioned that people liked to manipulated by her.

So, I had to respond.  I know a little bit about Narcissistic Personality Disorder as I highly believe my ex is one.  Maybe it was because of the trauma I went through at the hands of an undiagnosed Narc that I could not hold back my opinion.

If you look at the symptoms of what constitutes the characteristics of a Narc, I could not understand how anyone would be proud to write about it. I have read so many survivor stories from people who have been victims of this psychological warfare and how difficult it is to move forward with their lives without significant therapy.

Narc’s fool everyone with their deception, they manipulate and they abuse.  They are emotional predators and they leave the people they have destroyed struggling to figure out what has happened to them.

I challenged this writer and she challenged me.  I commented, that from what I have read and have understood, the majority of Narc’s would never admit or have the capacity to even consider atoning for anything.  They just don’t do that.  The world revolves around them and they are incapable of having any inkling of emotion for anyone else.  They have no ability to be in someone’s else’s shoe and they take no accountability nor responsibility for their actions.

I advised the writer that maybe she was not a Narc, but just an unkind person.  We commented back and worth in a very healthy way.  At the end of the day, whether she is a Narc or not, she is genius at writing, with such descriptive words that you have no other choice but to be pulled into her world.  Boy, did she pull me in as I read and re-read her blog posts and her comments.

I may disagree with what she writes and the way she may boast her story, but I just had to click that follow button, because I did not want to miss a beat of what antics she would be up to next.

And, she clicked to follow me.  Check out her blog here.  She writes to piss you off but keeps you coming back for more.




In addition, many narc’s would never assume that there was anything wrong with how they are behaving.



8 thoughts on “The Narcissist Writes”

      1. No it’s an autobiography of a diagnosed sociopath. She says that’s her diagnosis and she has input from doctors who explain her file but she is telling her own story. She explains how she feels no guilt, how she can’t believe people believe her when she manipulates them. She argues that she’s useful, and just another version of people, not an aberration but she is not a good person by a long shot!

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