Online Dating….

Well, I have finally succumbed to the mysterious world of online dating.  I created myself a profile a few nights ago, because it was either I get a bunch of cats or I try out this dating thing after 16 years off the market.  It’s still early to make an intellectual analysis of meeting people online, but I can say it’s pretty tricky to pick the liars out from those who are telling the truth.  I have heard of people finding their true love online and relationships do work out, its not all bad.

We are all so busy with our lives, that its so hard to meet people who share the same interests as you do. I have a method already, I am not sure if it will work in the long term.  Before I read a message from anyone, I check out the profile, I scroll down to see what they like to do for in their spare time, I match up my own interests with theirs, then I decide, if a response is a waste of both our times.  Sometimes, I respond because I am bored and need entertainment.  Most times, I roll my eyes at the stupidity that I read.  My biggest bone, is grammar.  Please people, use capital letters, use periods, use grammar!  Nothing bothers me more.

Well, I am giving it a try and I will be able to judge for myself.  Maybe, I will find someone who will surprise me, maybe my true love is out there somewhere, in the World Wide Web…..I will let you know.  Who knows how this new adventure will turn out.


6 thoughts on “Online Dating….”

  1. I am a huge stickler for grammar myself. Try not to let that deter you. You’ll spend more time talking with that special someone, than writing letters back and forth. People these days will sometimes write horribly, yet be entertaining conversationalists. Best of luck! I cannot wait to read all about your experiences with online dating! =)

    1. Thank you. I have a date next Saturday. I actually let him read my blog about my online dating experience. He was #12. Funny thing is, he read everything I wrote, and he is still willing to meet me. I am sure, I will be writing about this…hopefully something positive and not about the cats that are waiting for me. Thanks again!

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