Stop Child Sexual Abuse

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and rape.  By the time I was twelve years old, I had been molested twice and raped by two men.  I will tell my own story in another post and at another time.

For now, this is  the story of my friend  I.C., who pressed charges against her sexual abuser and got “justice.”  I think sometimes, she thinks it wasn’t enough what this man got for the trauma, pain and destruction he caused her.  She no longer has a relationship with her mother and other family members, who have called her a liar, although the man who hurt her plead guilty.

But, for me and I believe  for many other survivors of sexual abuse, she got justice not only for herself, but for all of us who will never have a chance to face our abusers in court.  I don’t even know who the men were that raped me and so many other survivors are in the same position.  We live with our painful hearts, broken spirits, distrust, confidence and esteem issues.

She is an inspiration to me, she helped me to begin to face my own demons of the past.  That is how we met, sometimes damaged people know how to find each other.  “Oh look, she is like me, she is a broken spirit too.”  She is brave, she is a survivor and a fighter.  So, I want to share her story with you.  Feel free to LIKE the Facebook group, if you have been through what I.C. has been through, you will find on that group a community of people who share the same pain you do!




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